a different kind of 365

Like most people, I ended 2014 with thoughts of resolutions and goals for the New Year. And of course as a photographer, I had seriously contemplated doing one of those 365 photo projects – where you post 1 photo a day – in hopes of seeing an improvement in your photography skills by the year’s end. However… as wonderful as the idea seemed (in theory), when I began thinking about the reality of forcing myself to try to be photographically creative and awesome on a daily basis, my excitement quickly fizzled out.

But still… with the goal of taking my photography business and skills to the next level in 2015, I wanted to lay down some concrete steps for doing so. And then it hit me. I’d indeed do a 365 project, but rather, 365 days of reading the Bible (a.k.a. Bible in a Year). Why? Well, you see, as a photographer, my first priority is to steward the awesome, beautiful mysteries of God through my work. Through photography, I get to capture, reveal and celebrate love, joy, beauty, kindness, laughter and all goodness – the qualities of our Creator revealed through His creation. 

My heart and mission for Good Camera is to glorify God through my portraiture and fine art work. After all, my passion for photography, skills and even my equipment are all direct gifts from Him. And what I’ve come to realize over the last few years is that the very best way for me to improve in anything is to spend time in the Word of God — to focus first on seeking Him. By doing so, my heart and mind become renewed, enabling me to better notice and capture the love and beauty surrounding me. I’m excited for this journey that I’ve begun and eager to see the year’s end transformation from my 365 project — not only in my heart but in my photography as well. 

So, with that, my friends, I challenge you to consider a 365 project that drives your most personal and treasured values. From past experience I can tell you that it’s a deeply transformational process, profoundly impacting every aspect of your life.

And… happy 2015, my dear friends! It’s going to be a GOOD year!