a hundred dreams

The desire to see a sky full of hot air balloons had stirred within me for months. I couldn’t shake it. Yet even a month prior, I had no idea if I’d be able to get to the Albuquerque Balloon Festival. But then it happened. I booked my plane ticket, and a few weeks later I was off to New Mexico to frolic beneath a sky full of bright, bold, beautiful hot air balloons.

To be really honest, the festival wasn’t exactly as I had imagined it would be. The first day, we awoke before sunrise and stood outside in the biting cold, awaiting the mass ascension of the hot air balloons. Mass ascension ran about an hour late, and my fingertips burned from the chill in the air. I was tired, cold and a tad cranky, and the experience was a touch less romantic than I had expected. But the next day… that’s when the magic happened. Once again we woke up crazy early and stood out in the cold, but after mass ascension – like a couple of kids trying to capture lightning bugs in a mason jar – we chased after the balloons.

We walked and walked and walked some more. My feet grew tired but awe propelled me forward. And then… like a hundred vivid dreams drifting amidst a brilliant blue sky, there was an eyeful of hot air balloons floating above a crisp, green field brushed with Summer’s glow. It was just as I had envisioned.

I believe that God gives us such whimsical dreams just so He can reveal His love to us by fulfilling them. And in that moment, I felt loved. Deeply, passionately, wonderfully loved.

What are your dreams?