a magical moment

We arrived to Yellowstone rather late. I was hoping for a sunset shot over some beautiful feature in the park, though I had never been there before. We had been driving in the park for about 30 minutes when the sky began boasting a cascade of brilliant blue and orange hues. It was gorgeous.

I began praying — asking God to hold the sky. I desperately wanted to make it to Norris Geyser Basin in time to catch the sunset. I had no idea what the basin actually looked like, but I had read that it was breathtaking.

We arrived to the basin about 30 minutes later – around 9:15 pm. Immediately, I hopped out of the car and began running down the nearby paved sidewalk. As I came upon the Norris Geyser Basin, I was floored with emotion and awe to the point where I began to simultaneously tear up and feel nauseous. For a moment I thought I would buckle to the ground. Never before had I been so overwhelmed with a sense of awe. Strolling through the fog along the boardwalk structure that weaves throughout the basin, I was completely captivated, engulfed in mystery and beauty.

To my amazement, the sky was just the same as it had been when I began praying for God to hold it still. My prayers were answered — and I had enough light to shoot a round of photographs without a tripod until about 10pm. Weeks later, I’m still floored by God’s goodness. I’m flabbergasted by His creation and power.

I’ve come to believe that God purposely designed the World with such glorious and distinct landscapes so that we’d be forced to be adventurers in order to gain a deeper intimacy with our Creator.

That night, as I stood in complete silence amidst the mystery of the delicate fog, dark water and silhouetted trees, for the first time ever I felt completely embraced by the presence of God. It was… one of the most magical moments of my life.