Hello. I’m AJ Adams.


Owner of Good Camera. Portrait Photographer. Resilience Trainer. And World Traveler.

I have a spirited affection for living a life of whimsy… and for capturing images that narrate allegories of love, joy and adventure. For years, I’ve traveled the globe with my Nikon, photographing images of people and places from around the world. In 2012, I began shooting custom portraiture – capturing the raw and beautiful stories of people young and old. In 2014, I began specializing in high school senior portraits for young women.

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Aside from photography, I have a master’s degree in Applied Positive Psychology from University of Pennsylvania. Through this degree, I’ve spent the last decade working with members of the U.S. military as well as with civilians of all ages and in every corner of the world, teaching individuals  science-based skills to enhance their resiliency and overall well-being. I guess you could say… I live for helping others to live their best life!

On a personal note, I love cupcakes and gelato, tulips and mountains, traveling and vintage VWs. But most of all, I love God… and the beautiful landscape He’s created for me to explore. I am deeply honored to have been given the gift of photography through which to steward the great and lovely mysteries of our awesome God (1 Corinthians 4:1). I don’t expect everyone who visits this site to share my faith. Yet I hope to reveal the love of God to everyone I encounter. Thank you for allowing me the joy of sharing my photography with you. I hope you enjoy viewing the world through the lens of my “good” camera.

purchase stromectol Why Good Camera? The name “good camera” comes from a serendipitous email exchange with a friend/mentor during a day when I was struggling to find satisfaction with my photography skills. In her message, she expressed her appreciation of the photographs I had taken while on an 11-month long mission trip that traveled through 11 different countries. To her kudos I (somewhat flippantly) replied, “I’ve been richly blessed to have a good camera to capture it all with.” But where I meant to write “good camera”, I accidentally wrote “god camera” instead. My friend quickly wrote back, “Note your Freudian slip… a “god camera” – seems like a great description!” Karen, I couldn’t agree more.